Brand Ambassodor or Model

Thank you for checking out this program Mr Watson is offering !

  What would you enjoy doing......A Brand Ambassador  or perhaps a Brand Spokes Model  !

As a Brand Ambassador ... Id appreciate you recruiting more people to show off the brand WGWatsonmedia !

So far as a Ambassador you will receive the following!

A Certificate of Membership..A logged Hat & T-shirt

Recruit a new Ambassador you will receive a 25 dollar gift card. 

Juniors or Seniors... You will be offered One free mini photoshoot...45 minutes for free.

You can always pay full price for a proper photo shoot..if you want  to !

You will also receive a free 5-8 image phone app  for your phone.

but you do have to pay for any products such as Wall Prints  or Canvas Wraps 

Please email Mr Watson here

Let MR Watson know why you'd be a great fit for his promo Team !

As a Brand Model...You will receive the following!

 A Certificate of Membership ------ A logged Hat & T-Shirt

3 Mini Photo shoots to you if completed in that school year 

As a Brand model..anyone you can recruit that books with Wgwatsonmedia

per your request.

You as the working model will receive a 50 dollar gift card ( only if that person books a photoshoot !

You can purchase more photo shoots for the full price if you wish !

You will receive a 5to 8 image phone app ..

But you will pay the price for Wall Prints or Canvas Wrap.

 A phone app  5to 8images  usually starts at   40 pounds 

11 x 14 framed /canvas/print starts at 30 pounds ...

13 x 19 framed Canvas /prints starts at  65 pounds ...16 x 20 or larger please ask Mr Watson

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